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Wow a year already, we brought our puppy Scout home to Fort Worth a year ago today. He is the happiest puppy and best of friends to our Beagle (who is 2 weeks younger). We now have a well adjusted city dog, the transition from the ranch to Fort Worth was seamless. 
When we were looking for a breeder to bring a JRT back into our home, I was very selective, making sure that the breed standards were adhered to. What we got was exactly that, and more. Not only did we find a breeder that is meticulous in breeding, but also goes above and beyond what is expected of a breeder. 
When we selected our beagle it was formal and transaction like, we have no relationship with that breeder, we could contact with an issue, but that's it. 
However Black Brush Jack Russell is completely different. It's not simply a transaction, it never even felt like that. But rather it was truly joining a family. 
We went in search of a puppy and came home with a friendship. 
Thank you Leighton and Greg for loving this breed so much.

Damon Harvey


Black Brush was highly recommended to us from someone we met during our search for a JRT puppy. Initially, I worried that the puppy may have a difficult time transitioning from working dog living on a large farm to family dog living in the suburbs. I can assure you that this is not the case. 

My husband and I brought home Piper 3 months ago after attending a play date at Black Brush. Owners Leighton and Greg along with several BB JRT owners with their dogs welcomed us. Leighton and Greg’s care for the breed is apparent and that care results in top of the line JRTs with great temperament. 

Piper is content with her new life with us and we couldn’t be happier with her! We have been very impressed by how trainable and well mannered she is. She is quick to learn new commands and interacts well with other dogs and people (especially kids). She has the classic JRT spunk that my husband and I love so much and she’s as equally sweet. 

You can’t go wrong with choosing your next best friend from Black Brush! They are amazing people with amazing JRTs.

Kennedy Hansen


I can’t tell you enough times how much I love this little dog! I had never gotten a puppy that old before(3 1/2 months) but it ended up being the best thing I could have done. She was totally crate trained and I was leaving in 2 weeks for my annual 5,000 mile road trip, and she was perfect! Seems like she knew everything about road tripping, just from the 2 hour ride home from Cotulla. She also was an instant boat dog, and didn’t mind the life jacket (we stay on a big lake for 3 weeks). She wasn’t a fan of getting in the lake that first year (water is cold in the UP of Michigan), but this last summer she started liking the water. She is my traveling buddy, my lap dog in the evenings, crazy funny entertainment-she makes up her own games and figures out how to MAKE us participate! And she is ALL Jack Russell! A hunter, a tunneller, a runner-I see it inside with her games, and outside. She absolutely LOVED the playday and learning what JRT trials are like! Can’t believe people think they’re hyper! I don’t call it hyper at all-they just have an on/off switch!

Cile Nabers

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