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This page is dedicated to our beloved Jacks that have passed over the rainbow bridge.  They will ALWAYS have a special place in our hearts.  We mourn them every day.

Gone But NEVER Forgotten: Testimonials
Lacey Lulu floating in the pool.


Lacey died here at BB Kennels at 10:30am surrounded by her loving human parents! She lived 2 years 9 months and enjoyed swimming, hunting rabbits under the barns neighboring her kennel, having her back scratched, but most of all, cuddling at the head of her human mom's pillow! She was an all white terrier with ticking on her ears, she measured 11” and had recently put some weight on-lol.  She would waste no time when her kennel door opened.  She was gone, not sure how long it would take her to get to the back door of the house, but it was quick! She attended JRT nationals in 2018. She was a kind, loving, energetic Jack Russell who gave her heart to her  human mom! She is buried here at Black Brush Kennels by the mesquite tree behind our pool! 

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