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Play Days @ Black Brush

Homecoming 2020

On Saturday, October 31, 2020, we had our first Play Day here at the kennels.  We have been wanting to host a play day for a long time, but we just never would commit to it.  Then we came up with an idea that we thought would be a good way for us to start small as far as hosting  a play day, and we could also introduce some of our clients to the experience.  Almost all of our clients have never been a part of a play day or trial, so we decided we could show them a few things we do at them.  This would also give their dogs an opportunity to come "home" and see everybody and play in the dirt.  So, by invitation only, we set the date and started to plan for the big day.  We had several clients RSVP for the event and we planned for a full morning of activities.  Racing, which included selecting and wearing a muzzle, coming out of the box, and chasing the lure down the track through the hole.  Then we moved to the tunnels and had some training sessions through a straight tunnel and then added a turn and another tunnel.  We also let the dogs "work" the rat in the cage.  Once we finished the tunnel work, we broke for lunch.  We had quite a spread that everyone contributed to.  We had a nice, relaxing lunch, many new friends were made and we had some really great discussions about our Jacks.  After lunch we hit the lure course.  We had an awesome lure course designed by Greg and Leo.  It wrapped around the circumference of our pond.  It really allowed each dog to open up and have a nice run.  The dogs were able to cool off in the pond as well.  This was the last activity of the day.  Fun was had by all, and we could not have asked for better weather.  It was gorgeous.  This was a family affair for us.  Not only did we get to reunite with puppies that were whelped here, we also had all of our kids and their grandma here to help.  We had them in the catch pen while racing, running around filling troughs of water, serving/preparing food for the lunch, and running the lure machine for the lure course.  It was amazing.  We hope to make this an annual tradition here at Black Brush.

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